Notes-Study Questions – May27

Kingdom Principle #3                         

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

The Foolishness of Greed (Luke 12:13-21)

May 27, 2012

4  lies foolish people believe

Lie #1: Possessions matter most.

Lie #2: More will be enough someday.

Lie #3: When things settle down, I’ll enjoy myself.

Lie #4: I’ll take my possessions with me.

2  questions wise people ask themselves

Before it’s too late, there are two questions every wise person asks:

Question #1: then what?”

Question #2: Am I rich toward God?”


Discussion Questions

Getting Started

  1. How do you balance ambition and contentment?  God has given us both of these attitudes as virtues.
  2. Why do you think some people seem to wait for retirement before they start to enjoy life?

Digging Deeper

  1. What does the Bible say about inheritances passed from parents to their children (Proverbs 13:22; 2 Corinthians 12:14)?
  2. In Matthew 6:19-24, Jesus gave us practical advice about treasures:
  • Moth and rust: every earthly thing gets old.  Think about the last time you bought something new that you were excited about.  How long did it take before the newness wore off?
  • Thieves steal: when we have a lot, we worry about security.  Do you have an alarm for your house, car, business?  Although alarms are necessary in many instances, what is the danger of thinking that we are secure by using an alarm?
  • You cannot serve God and money: How can you become wealthy and still serve God?  Some of you have been able to do that…what are some principles to live by?

Applying the Bible

  1. Our ultimate goal in this life is to be “rich towards God.”  What does that look like      in your every day life?
  2. Answer these questions as you discern “what is enough?” for you:
  • How much do you want in a retirement fund?
  • Do the “toys” in my life make me truly happy?
  • What is your ultimate goal in a yearly salary?
  • What percentage of your income will you freely give to God?

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